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It's a Boozer!!! Comedians Kimberly Congdon Sara Weinshenk drink with me in the mancave and talk about Florida, Gators, Hurricanes, Debbie, Steve and Gus!

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It's a Sunday Swapcast Special!!!

2 time UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir & his podcasting partner, Comic & Radio veteran Richard Hunter bring their podcast, PHONEBOOTH FIGHTING, into the Mancave and join me for a laugh filled Swapcast.  We talk about fighting, comedy, & Micheal Vicks dogs. 

Check out their podcast at

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Comedian Owen Benjamin and I hang in the Mancave - we break down two jokes we are working on, talk about the Orlando Shooting, Political Correctness, then Tom Segura calls in and Owen tell us about the time he had to walk out of Joey Diaz's Podcast due to an over prescription of THC...lastly I share with him my obsession with Google Trends.

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Comedian Ron White and I hang out in his home to talk comedy, drugs, Texas, and drink his Tequila, Number Juan Tequila.

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Comedic Actor, Star & Creator of the show EPIC MEAL TIME, Harley Morenstein, sits in the Mancave with me and talks about Epic Meal Time, it's origins, VLOGs, his VLOG, Montreal, and BLOWS MY MIND (along with my wife) with Game of Thrones theory! 

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Comedian Doug Benson and I hang out in my hotel room in St. Louis and talk about one of the weirdest episodes Doug Loves Movies I've ever been apart of.

SPOILER ALERT–we're still friends!

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Comedian Nick Youssef and I hang out in the Mancave and talk about his new comedy album "1982", his start in comedy at the Store answering phones, the opportunities provided to different generations of comedians, and we explore this history of what we google on our phones.

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Jeff Danis & Ryan O'Neill are writers, performers, and podcaster - we hang out in the Mancave and kill 36 BEERS talking about their time working for the grocery delivery service Yummy, celebrities they delivered groceries to, working at the comedy store, and that time O'Neill tried to get his girlfriends dog to suck his dick.

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Comedian Annie Lederman and I hang out in the Mancave and talk about growing up in Philly, her degenerate youth, drinking hard as fuck in Santa Fe, getting into comedy, getting sober, & the brilliance of Kurt Metzger.

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