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Comedian Tommy Johnagin & I hang outside the Mancave, have a couple of cigars & talk about meeting on the road 11 years ago, his approach to writing, not having sex with our wives, & the absolutely brilliance of Ron Bennington.

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Boston Comedy Legend Jimmy Tingle joins me in the Mancave: We talk bout doing Star Search, doing Johnny Carson, One Man Shows, and comedy in Boston in the 80's.

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Comedian Doug Benson & I hang in the Mancave and talk about him working at the WB, black comics, & being friends w/ Celebrity Comedians.

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Back by popular demand it's my Sunday Morning AdventureCast. I talk about Jury Duty, getting on Propecia, losing my dick, banging young pornstar/DJ's, & I go to Starbucks.

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Matt Fulchiron & I drive from Hollywood to the Irvine Improv and dissect the problems with American dietary issues, weight loss, traffic in LA, and why so many fly ass honeys are on his D!!!

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As luck would have it, I had just finished LeeAnn’s Book Club Book on a plane – So you’ve Been Publicly Shamed , by Jon Ronson  - so I decided to invite her & her 5 friends into the Mancave to have their book club w/ me. We talk about the book, Public Shaming, Social Justice Warriors, Twitter, Facebook, Gossip at our kids’ School, & much much more!   I hope you enjoy it!

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It's early, I'm up, so why not podcast. I talk about my weight lost, lifestyle change, podcasting w/ Rogan & Joey, & I go get donuts!

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4 very talented comics & I hanging out in my hotel room in Dayton and I shoot the shit about everything, but mostly I talk.

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Comedian Chris Porter and I hang out in the Mancave and talk about hanging w/ Kid Rock, Last Comic Standing, dick comics, how great Nick Dipaolo is, and I explain how I owe my success to him and Earthquake!

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My wife LeeAnn and I talk about being single, Scuba diving, the eccentricities of comedians like Me, Joey Diaz, and Ari Shaffir, and the stresses of her insomnia mixed with my touring.

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Comedian and NHL Junkie Joe Bartnick and I sit in the Mancave & talk about Comedy, touring with the Queen Of Mean Lisa Lampanelli, going long on stage, and podcasting.

BUY his book - You Might be a Douche Bag

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Comedian Theo Von & I hang out in the Mancave & talk about our experience on Reality Bites Back, growing up poor in Louisiana w/ a 70 yearold father, getting emancipated at 14, getting attacked by cats, riding black kids to school on his bike, his time on Road Rules on MTV, and how his stand-up got so fucking good!  

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Sorry it cut off - Here is the end of the article, not sure why it stopped

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I read the Rolling Stone article written about about me in 1997 titled The Undergraduate in which I was titled The #1 Party Animal in the Country...this is the article that changed my life. I am a bad out loud reader so beware of spirals!

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Comedian Yakov Smirnoff & I hang out at his office in Branson, Missouri w/ my crew & talk about the Soviet Union, doing comedy in the Soviet Union, his move to the US, the Comedy Store and his move to LA, the fall of Communism, his career, and  of course I mention the Machine Story.

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Comedian, Actor, & Podcaster Sean Conroy and I hang out in the Mancave and talk about looking like big aggressive men, Micro-agressions, stand-up, Improv, the UCB, and him beating me out for the co-hosting job of Nevermind the Buzzcocks.

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Actor, Mixed Martial Artist, Podcaster, Stunt Man, and Co-Founder of CAVE MAN COFFEE - Tait Flecther and I hang out and the Mancave and for the first time ever, I listen, and he is one amazing person....He is that fucking interesting!!! #Life #PirateLife #Direction #AMAZINGPODCAST #Duece #CaveManCoffee  

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Hosts of the podcast Hollywood Anonymous Jon Huck & Bryan Erwin sit down the mancave with me & talk about fights, comedy, podcasts, and mostly about me

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Comedian Owen Benjamin and I hang out in the mancave, drink beers, talk trash, and get bombarded by children at the end.

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Stand-Up Comedian & OG Podcaster Jackie Kashian & I hang out in the Mancave and talk about losing her mother, #YesAllWomen, LARP-ing, and Alternative Comedy.

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Live from the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal comedians Ari Shaffir & Duncan Trussell sit down with me infront of a live audience and talk about being generous lovers, death, and drugs.

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Adventurer, rock climber, internet star, & all around adrenaline enthusiast Creighton Baird hangs out w/ me and my Trip Flip crew on a houseboat to talk about pushing his girlfriend off a cliff, growing up Mormon, and creating The Corona Arch Swing a.k.a "Worlds Most Insane Epic Rope Swing" for Devon Supertramp. 

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Its a a BLACKCAST & we get "Turnt up".  Early, drinking, and talking shit...Comedian Al Jackson, Actor Omar Dorsey, and Producer Terry Jingles and I get hammered at 9 am & talk about .


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Co-Host of the Jason Ellis SHow, Author, & Musician Mike Tully hangs with me in the Mancave to talk about his path from Jersey, to Oxford, weaving through the music industry, writing movies and books with Jason Ellis, and YES we have an ANALOGY OFF...OH and I almost forgot, I play some of his original music!!!

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Comedian & Co-Creator of the Chapelle Show, Neal Brennan and I hang out in the mancave & talk about Hip Hop, writing Half Baked, working with Chappelle, his big family, his comedy career, & directing comercials. 

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Comedian Jim Jefferies & I hang out in the Mancave & talk about British Stand-up vs. American Stand-up vs. Austrailian Stand-up, touring, working on Legit, & one of his most epic drug fueled radio apperances on Opie & Anthony.


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Comedian Doug Benson & I hang out in the Mancave and talk about Rollercoasters, his first time bungee jumping, Louis CK, alternative touring, & greening out on dabs. 


This podcast is brought to you by go get a free audiobook...get mine!

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Comedian Todd Glass comes over to the Mancave & we talk about warm towels, how to throw great parties, & how to run amn A list comedy club with little to no effort, and the pure joys of a candle, a group of friends, great lighting, & little pot.

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Pro Skater, Radio Host, MMA fighert, & National Best Selling Author Jason Ellis comes over to the Mancave for an awesome conversation about booze, hooker, herion, & Radio.

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Comedian Felipe Esparza & I hang out in the Mancave and he tells me the most amazingly honest & hilarious hour plus of stories I've ever heard...drugs, gangs, growing up in East LA, rehab, ear biting, etc...

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Comedian Owen Benjamin & I hang out in the Mancave & talk about stand-up, the road, crowds, Alt-Comics, & the ultimate superiority of the Brazilian Race.

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Recorded at El Segundo Brewing Company during the Gundo Comedy Fest - Jaleel, Al, Dave, Ryan, and myself drink beers and talk about Race, Sex, and Jaleel shares what life was like playing the part of Steve Urkel for 9 years on Family Matters.

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Emmy Award winning Producer Ethan Prochnik, my old roomate Lorenzo Hodges & I hang outside the Mancave have some beers and talk about Ethans work on the Deadliest Catch, Afghanistan, and his extensive reasearch & experience with Ayahuasca.

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Co-Host of HLN's On Call w/ Dr. Drew, Sam Schacher, hangs out in the Mancave w/ me & talks about her work on Judge Judy, On Call, The Rolling Stone Rape Debacle, the irony of her name, and we end with the weirdest prank phone call I've ever gotten in my life.

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Comedian Kurt Braunohler & I hang out in the Mancave - I make him retell a great story I heard him tell on This American Life, we talk about his Jet ski ride from Chicago to New Orleans, and we conspire to drive to Bisbee to hang out with Stanhope.

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Comedian Jim Norton stops by the Mancave to talk about the Opie & Anthony situation, my drinking, Tony Woods, & his New Comedy Special "Contextually Inadequate" airing on Epix April 24th.

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A collection of my Dreams - #BlackPopeye #Graffiti #Stanhope #CasesPartyPlanning #Chelsea #Beowulf #TimeTravel #TonyStewart #Teleporter

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Camping out in Texas while driving cattle, Musician Grady Skelton comes out for me, my travelers - Dylan & Brad, & my crew and plays some awesome original music and some amazing covers while I teach him a thing or two about improv'ing genius comedy songs...I am amazing - I am the Machine!!! 

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This is the full podcast!

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Comedian Russell Peters and I hang out at his house days before his world tour starts and talk not only about how much money we spent for our houses, but his rise in comedy, his logistics in touring, & being ignored in the buisness.

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Comedian Nick Thune and I talk about parenthood, musice, religion, the road, his start in comedy, and whether or not it's good to cum before a show!

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If you like me lauging your'll love this compilation of the #BestofBertcast Volume 1 with Bill Burr, Mike Calta (aka Cowhead), Matt Mira, Shane Mauss, Big Jay Oakerson, Ben Bailey, Ali Spagnola, Keith Meyers, Chris Tye Walker's  Workout, & #ThePirateSong.  

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Mixed Martial Artist & co-hosts of The Fighter & the Kid podcast, Brendan Schaub & I hang in the Mancave & talk about Kimbo Slice, what it's like fighting in the UFC, Cadbury Eggs & his eating disorder, & Morning Beers & my drinking problem.

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From 102.5 The Bone in Tampa, The Mike Calta Show - Cowhead (aka Mike Calta), Galvin, Jenn Sterger, & I hang out in Tampa before the Call In Sick to Work Show and play a BEST OF from my times on the Cowhead Show/Mike Calta Show, haze Jenn Sterger, and are all drunk.  Thank you @AngryGalvin for editting this episode!!!  

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Comedian Shane Mauss comes back to the mancave to catch me up on all his shattered heel drama, talk about getting wierd, & I might even possibly I cry in this episode!

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Host of the Mental Illness Happy Hour, TBS's long running show Dinner & a Movie, & stand-up comic Paul Gilmartin and I share mental health sercrets to eachother.

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It's the last ten minutes of the Josh Wolf podcast...SORRY!!!

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Comedian Josh Woif & I hang out in the mancave and talk about fatherhood, his being a single father, comedy, & Joey Diaz babysitting his kids.

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It's a Drinking Podcast.  TV Host, Producer, Entrepreneur, & Fellow drinker Zane Lamprey & I hang in the Mancave, get drunk & talk everything including his two massively successful Kickstarter campaigns - CHUG & THE DRINKING JACKET.

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Stand-up Comedian, Host, Model, Columnist, & the original FSU Cowgirl, Jenn Sterger & I hang out in the Mancave and talk about everything...from Favre & the Jets, to being nationally recognized as the FSU Cowgirl, her start in stand-up, & how similar our paths in this business have been.





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I hang out w/ my crew & fixer Te Te on an overnight Train in Vietnam & we talk about our trip, Vietnam, and how you to can have some of the same experience I did in this beautiful country...and the I end up pensive in a cave.  

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Director Peter Jackson hangs out with me & my Travelers for "Trip Flip - New Zealand" and talks about New Zealand, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, his new movie The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, and he coaches me on how to get a job on his next film!  


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Comedian Mo Mandel and I hang out in the Mancave and laugh not only about a show we did with 12 other comics called Reality Bites Back, but a prank I pulled on Kyle Cease that never came to fruition, Shcumers rise to the top, and how Donnell Rawling thought MO wasn't funny.

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My wife is leaving for London & I am left running the house...LeeAnn reads me her "Bert's Bible", her friends show up, & the other two Dads (Stephen & Eric) and I plan our week.

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Comedian Ben Bailey and I hang out in the Mancave and talk about his run on Cash Cab, the NY comedy scene, & he tells me my favorite story of his...the time he met Louie Anderson.

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Ali & Keith from the world famous "Power Hour Drinking Game Tour" come BACK to the Mancave, this time with a case of beers in hand as we slowly drink away an afternoon...while Keith regales us with debaucherous tales, I try to remember where I hid an SD card from myself, and Ali talks up her new gig as a ice-thingy-majigger-girl for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Stand-up Comic and Comedy store regular Steve Simeone hangs in the Mancave with me & talks about his new album "REMEMBER THIS", working at the Store, & we disect the pure genuis that is Bill Murray.

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Episode #100 - I sit w/ one of my favorite human beings in the world, Tom Segura...we talk about Jameis Winston, his therapist, and the offensive behaviors demostrated by self entitled rude people.   

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Host of the DIY shows House Crashers, Disatster House, and his new show Sold on the Spot, Josh Temple hangs out with me in the Mancave and we talks about our favorite DYI shows & hosts, how he got into TV, & we talk trash about all the crew members we have shared.

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The Director & Stars of the hit movie THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT Mikey & Bobby Roe sit w/ me in the Mancave to talk not only about their movie (which scared the living shit out of me), but how they made it, all the different spook houses they went to, and the ULTIMATE spook house where Bobby had a bag over his head & gun at his back & Mikey thought he was going to die.  

#Halloween #SpookHouse #ScaryMovie #TheHousesOctoberBuilt #Terror #aAmazingInterviewer


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Comedian Big Jay Oakerson and I talk about him dropping out of college, living with Kurt Metzger, starting in the black clubs, & I laugh non stop!


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Dennis Hof, the owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and star of the HBO reality show Cathouse stops by the Mancave w/ his Girlfriend Ava and we basically cover all my sexual dysfunctions.

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Comedian Ian Bagg & I hang out in the mancave and talk about hot female comics, my upcoming stress test, eat tacos, & much more...


HE will be in Edmonton Oct 9,10,11, & 12...he will also be drinking with me on my Call in Sick to Work show the monring of OCT 10 in Emdonton!!! I love Ian Bagg!!! 

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Dominatrix Mistress Isabella & I hang out in the Mancave and talk about the work we did together (or rather she did to me) on Hurt Bert, how she became a dominatrix, what it's like being a dominatrix and a mom, & she fills me up with some BDSM lingo.

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Comedian Shane Mauss hobbles into the Mancave and talks to me about DMT,  Depression, how he broke both his heels, and he tells a hilarious story about his sister!


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Comedian Brad Williams & I hang out in the Mancave & talk about comedy, how Carlos Mencia gave him his start in comedy, & at the end Georgia comes in and meets her first Little Person and learns why she cant say midget. 

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Stand-up comic & TV persoanlity Michael Yo sits w/ me in the Mancave and talks about his start in Stand-up & TV, dinner w/ Tiger Woods, Chelsea Handler, playing football, & we pontificate about what it is like being a man. 

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Stand-up comedian Kyle Kinane and I hang out in the Mancave & talk about drinking & touring, touring & drinking, and hotdogs!

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Ms. Pat & my wife join me in the Mancave & we talk about racism, they mock me for being too white & sensitive, and they recount their experiences of growing up with Willie B. the Gorilla in Atlanta.

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Chad Daniels is a comedian from Fergus Falls, Minnesota that murders NON-STOP on the road, AND I have been dying to meet him for past 7 years, this is our first time hanging out & you will love it!

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Stand up Comedian & Actor Kumail Nanjiani hangs in the mancave with me and talks about the first time he touched a girl, Mongoose/Snake fights, and contraband movies.

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A very candid car ride conversation between me & my friend, Comedian, fellow Podcaster, & now Kickstarter enthusiast, EDDIE IFFT.

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Comedian & Friend Sam Tripoli & I talk about the road, partying, friends, Mencia, Shit-talkers vs. Clowns, & the birth of the COMBOS COMEDY TOUR!!!

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I talk Beastie Boys, Laughter, Hacks, Muses, Pirate Songs, & I get a call from an old friend.

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Stand up Comedian Jim Norton & I hang out in the Mancave w/ his manager and talk about Opie & Anthony, Ant's absence, addiction, Patrice, and Tough Crowd.

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Documentary film director Billy Corben is a MIAMI based filmmaker who has created films such as Cocaine Cowboys and ESPN's The U...we sit in my hotel room and jam!

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Comedian, Actor, & Artist Kevin Christy and I hang out in the Mancave and talk about comedy, commercials, depression, & watches.

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SoCal Radio fixture & Co-Host of Loveline, Mike Catherwood and I hang in the Mancave and talk about Kevin and Bean, fights, the Gracies, drugs, divorce, and what it takes to be a man.

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Radio Personality John Debella & I sit in his studio and talk about his career, his involvement with the Morning Zoo format, Howard Stern, & how Donovan followed him for 6 months.

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Comedian Ms. Pat & I talk about her growing up in Atlanta, her drug dealing, her teen pregnancy, & just about anything else you could EVER imagine!


Direct download: MS._PAT.mp3
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Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons and I hang out in the Mancave and talk about stand-up, Howard Stern, writing for TV, his wife & his first date, and how he destroyed on the Cowhead Roast.



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Part 2...

Direct download: Doug2_-_FINAL.mp3
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Comedian Doug Stanhope & I sit outside the Mancave, get drunk & talk...easily one of my favorite converstaions I ever had with anyone! 

Direct download: DOUG1_-_FINAL.mp3
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Stand up comedian, actor, host, producer, & Co-Founder of All Things Comedy, Al Madrigal sits in the Mancave w/ me & talks about working in San Fran w/ Hedberg, Chappelle, firing people, keeping busy, and the art of SHRIMPING.

Direct download: ALLOUDbertcast_1.mp3
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Investigative journalist, photographer, & medicinal psychedelic adventurer, Amber Lyon, sits w/ me in the Mancave and talks about being held at gun point, romantic frog poison dates, and ofcourse I make her walk me through her Ayahausca trip from begining to end. 

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Host of the podcast Industry Standard & my old manager, Barry Katz stops by the Mancave to talk with me about his podcast, Buddy Hacket at his wedding, his sage advice, & of course comedy.

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Stand-up comic & VINE Sensation Ry Doon hangs out in the mancave w/ me still spinning (litterally) form his wild night in Hollywood w/ Andy Milanokis.  We talk about his Vine celebrity, monitzing it, stand-up, Beah Pahties, & we get him a Manager.  


The hicup in Audio only happenes for the first 5 minutes so bare with it, it is perfect after that...I LOVE YOU!

Direct download: RY_DOON.mp3
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Comedian Duncan Trussell visits me in the Mancave & proves me right in believing he is one of the greatest dudes alive. We talk about stress, and soon I begin to spiral, so Duncan he leads me through a guided meditation, and we then blissfully enjoy a talk about life, death, growth, and all things great! 

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Friend & Actor Omar Dorsey sits down in the Mancave and talks about working on Django Unchained, Eastbound & Down, Rake, Ray Donovan, getting into acting, growing up in Georgia, hip hop, Freaknik, & Tupac.


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I sit w/ Sarah & Angela, the travelers on my TRAVEL CHANNEL show Trip Flip.  They are the travelers on the Premeier Epsiode-Trip Flip/Idaho airing Wednesday night, MAY 23rd at 8pm.

I talk w/ them & some of my crew about their experience, our activities, like Base Jumping and Skjoring, and all the behind the scenes fun we had.

It is a tad bit chaotic of a pod, but very fun...WATCH TRIP FLIP!!!! 

Direct download: SARAHANGELA.mp3
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Stand up Comedians Al Jackson & Matt Fulchiron hang out with me in the West Palm Improv Greenroom and talk about drinkng on airplanes, black people, black colleges, and yes we get drunk.

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Ari Shaffir and I hang out in the Mancave nd talk about the N-Word, Adam Carrolla, & talk to my daughters. 

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Actor, Comedian, & 90's heartthrob Cort McCown and I talk about the movies he has starred in, comedy, working with Playboy, his drug addiction & alcoholism, and getting clean.



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Stand-up Comiedian Tony Hinchcliffe & I hang in the Mancave and talk about The Store, how he got his start, touring and writing for Jeff Ross, and losing his virginity.


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Comedian Steve Hofstetter wears many hats...comic, club owner, radio personality, Larry the Cable Guy critic, & marketing genius.  We sit in the mancave and talk a little about each of them.

Pre Order "Life of the Party" at if you want your friends to like you more!!! 

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Me & my Costa Rican driver/fixer Diego enjoy a casual conversation on our drive thru the Costa Rican countryside at night.  We get lost, we laugh, and talk about Stienmart.

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Stand-up comedian/motivational speaker Kyle Cease hangs with me in the Mancave and we talk about Reality Bites Back, Doug Stanhope, comedy bootcamp, and we get inside the mind of comics & talk motivation & self help. 

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Comedian, Writer, TV producer and Host of the Podcast Mick Betancourt joins me for an early moring podcast in the Mancave to talk about Kids, Losing his dad, living with his mom, and how his mom went to prison for robbing a bank.

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Mike Tyler and Todd Brandt are "Todd-n-Tyler" Hosts of the Todd-N-Tyler Radio Empire, the #1 rated radio morning in Omaha, Nebraska.  We hang out and talk comedy, great road comics, their career in radio, and how much money radio show hosts make!!!

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