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Stand up Comedian, Podcaster, "MTV-Road Rules" Alumni Christina Pazsitzky stop by the Mancave to have a VERY real conversation about depression, my drinking, the fat shaming campaign going on between me & her very FAT husband Tom Segura...then my wife joins in to mention what a horrible husband I am. 

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Comedian Bret Ernst and I talk about working for TBS on a Frat show pilot, partying on the road w/ the Young American Comedy Tour, and bullshit about Dov Davidoff.

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Comedian Robert Kelly & I hang out at the V Cut Smoke Shop & Lounge on Melrose in Los Angeles, have a couple of Tatuaje Cigars & talk about Patrice O'Neal, our problems w/ eating, Tough Crowd w/ Colin Quinn, Opie and Anthony, & the pitfalls of having expectations in show business. 


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Comedian Ms. Pat and I hang out in the Mancave & talk about The Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, Roast Battle w/ Jeff Ross, & BLACK POEPLE...Black people vs. cops, Black people vs. White people, Black people vs. Black People, Black people at Jack in the Box, you name it - we cover it!!!

It gets DEEP!!! 

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It's a swapcast in the MANCAVE w/ Kelly MacLean & the Tao Of Comedy - rate, subscribe, & & review her podcast! She interviews me - so enjoy!

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It's a Boozer!!! Comedians Kimberly Congdon Sara Weinshenk drink with me in the mancave and talk about Florida, Gators, Hurricanes, Debbie, Steve and Gus!

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