Me & my Costa Rican driver/fixer Diego enjoy a casual conversation on our drive thru the Costa Rican countryside at night.  We get lost, we laugh, and talk about Stienmart.

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Stand-up comedian/motivational speaker Kyle Cease hangs with me in the Mancave and we talk about Reality Bites Back, Doug Stanhope, comedy bootcamp, and we get inside the mind of comics & talk motivation & self help. 

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Comedian, Writer, TV producer and Host of the Podcast Mick Betancourt joins me for an early moring podcast in the Mancave to talk about Kids, Losing his dad, living with his mom, and how his mom went to prison for robbing a bank.

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Mike Tyler and Todd Brandt are "Todd-n-Tyler" Hosts of the Todd-N-Tyler Radio Empire, the #1 rated radio morning in Omaha, Nebraska.  We hang out and talk comedy, great road comics, their career in radio, and how much money radio show hosts make!!!

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Comedian & longtime friend, Eddie Ifft & I hang out in the Mancave and talk about his touring in Austrailia, Bullies, British comics, & he tells one great frat house story! 

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