Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons and I hang out in the Mancave and talk about stand-up, Howard Stern, writing for TV, his wife & his first date, and how he destroyed on the Cowhead Roast.



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Part 2...

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Comedian Doug Stanhope & I sit outside the Mancave, get drunk & talk...easily one of my favorite converstaions I ever had with anyone! 

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Stand up comedian, actor, host, producer, & Co-Founder of All Things Comedy, Al Madrigal sits in the Mancave w/ me & talks about working in San Fran w/ Hedberg, Chappelle, firing people, keeping busy, and the art of SHRIMPING.

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Investigative journalist, photographer, & medicinal psychedelic adventurer, Amber Lyon, sits w/ me in the Mancave and talks about being held at gun point, romantic frog poison dates, and ofcourse I make her walk me through her Ayahausca trip from begining to end. 

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Host of the podcast Industry Standard & my old manager, Barry Katz stops by the Mancave to talk with me about his podcast, Buddy Hacket at his wedding, his sage advice, & of course comedy.

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Stand-up comic & VINE Sensation Ry Doon hangs out in the mancave w/ me still spinning (litterally) form his wild night in Hollywood w/ Andy Milanokis.  We talk about his Vine celebrity, monitzing it, stand-up, Beah Pahties, & we get him a Manager.  


The hicup in Audio only happenes for the first 5 minutes so bare with it, it is perfect after that...I LOVE YOU!

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Comedian Duncan Trussell visits me in the Mancave & proves me right in believing he is one of the greatest dudes alive. We talk about stress, and soon I begin to spiral, so Duncan he leads me through a guided meditation, and we then blissfully enjoy a talk about life, death, growth, and all things great! 

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