Comedian Jessimae Peluso hangs out with me in the Mancave & we talk about riding horses topless in Central America, getting fired from TV shows, and date rape.

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Stand-up Comedian Christopher Titus stops by the Mancave to talk about how to write a great story for the stage, his first one hour special "Norman Rockwell is Bleeding", his Fox sitcom "Titus", how NOT to talk to network presidents, creating & owning your own content...and so much more!


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I fixed the audio levels!!! its Joey Diaz and Me again but this time you can hear us!!!

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Show Runner & Co-Creator, of the STARZ original series BLACK SAILS, Jonathan Steinberg, welcomes me into his office to talk about my favorite show on Television, BLACK SAILS. We talk about how created it, pitched it, sold it, how they write it, Season 3, & go back and forth through each lead actor, discussing what we think are their most pivotal scenes. 

BLACK SAILS Season 3 Premieres January 23rd on STARZ & airs Every Saturday night thereafter.

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From Sirius/XM's The Opie & Anthony Show, & The Sam Roberts Show, radio host Sam Robert sits down with me in my manacle and interviews me.

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Hanging out in the Mancave, Comedian Sam Tripoli and I talk about our paths in comedy, how he likes to have sex, how he likes to party, starting out at the Comedy Store, & his new tour

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Comedian Joey Diaz drops by the Mancave!

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Comedian Tommy Johnagin & I hang outside the Mancave, have a couple of cigars & talk about meeting on the road 11 years ago, his approach to writing, not having sex with our wives, & the absolutely brilliance of Ron Bennington.

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