Stand-up comic & TV persoanlity Michael Yo sits w/ me in the Mancave and talks about his start in Stand-up & TV, dinner w/ Tiger Woods, Chelsea Handler, playing football, & we pontificate about what it is like being a man. 

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Stand-up comedian Kyle Kinane and I hang out in the Mancave & talk about drinking & touring, touring & drinking, and hotdogs!

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Ms. Pat & my wife join me in the Mancave & we talk about racism, they mock me for being too white & sensitive, and they recount their experiences of growing up with Willie B. the Gorilla in Atlanta.

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Chad Daniels is a comedian from Fergus Falls, Minnesota that murders NON-STOP on the road, AND I have been dying to meet him for past 7 years, this is our first time hanging out & you will love it!

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Stand up Comedian & Actor Kumail Nanjiani hangs in the mancave with me and talks about the first time he touched a girl, Mongoose/Snake fights, and contraband movies.

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A very candid car ride conversation between me & my friend, Comedian, fellow Podcaster, & now Kickstarter enthusiast, EDDIE IFFT.

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