Comedian Kurt Metzger and I hang out NY and talk about comics & Political Correctness,his thoughts on pigeons, his Facebook beef with feminists, Barry Crimmins, writing for Amy Schumer & Patrice, & partying with Greg Giraldo.  

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Comedian, Writer, & Director Mike Young hangs out in the Mancave w/ to talk about losing his father, directing movies, How he became friends w/ Leonardo Dicaprio, & tells two epic fight stories!!!

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Jeff Danis & Ryan O’Neill are writers, performers, and podcaster – we hang out in the Mancave drink White Wine, High Altitude Beers, more White Wine, Whiskey and talk about the East Coast/West Coast Comedy WAR, Freddy Soto, the conundrum that is Hasidic Ari Shaffir, wet dreams on horses, and my poetry period! 

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My buddy Zane Lamprey & I hang out in the Mancave and talk about his TV shows, his Kickstarter campaigns, including Chug, the Drinking Hoodie, & his newest venture the Adventure Hoodie, which have all set record numbers at Kickstarter...and what he is doing next.

Zane Lamprey’s Adventure Hoodie:

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MY 200th EPISODE!!!

Comedians Bill Burr & Tom Segura hang out in the Mancave for a cigar and some Bourbon - we talk sports, fat shaming, hunting, and regretful Wu-Tang Trains.

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Zane Lamprey's Adventure Hoodie: 

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